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How to target by place leads live in

Ilia P.

Last updated on Nov 08, 2023

To target people on Facebook by their location, the place they live in, or where they were born, just follow these steps:

  1. At first, you need to collect profiles (from Facebook Groups, Friend lists, Business Pages, from the search...).

  2. Then click "target" (1), and edit the keywords list (2) containing texts that should be present in the "Lives in" field. Each line can have a country name, state, or city (might be one or multiple words).

  3. Click the "Target (filter)" button.

If a person's "Lives in" field contains one of these, then the person's profile will be left in the current collection. Otherwise, it will be removed from the collection. If the handling profile doesn't have the "Lives in" field, then the "From" field will be checked instead.

If some profiles didn't have any of these keywords in their location information, then they will be removed from the collection.

You can make the filtering much faster this way (but don't forget to change it back after the filtering):

That's it :)

If you have any questions you can ask our support in the live chat, or by email at help@cucomm.com.