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How to send 100+ messages (friend requests) a day on Facebook

Jack B.

Last updated on Nov 16, 2023

I will tell you how to use multiple Facebook accounts at the same time to send hundreds+ of messages on Facebook every day.

To do so you need to use an anti-detect browser. With its help, you will be able to run multiple windows with different Facebook accounts simultaneously. You don't need to buy additional CUCOMM licenses for other Facebook accounts.

To start using multiple Facebook accounts with CUCOMM at the same time you need to:

  1. Install a Chrome-based anti-detect browser. The good option we recommend is GoLogin Browser.

  2. Launch GoLogin and click New Profile at the top to create a new profile for 1 Facebook account.

If you buy accounts from us and use GoLogin Browser, then the accounts will be transferred directly into your browser and no manual account setup is needed. This way is the easiest and safest for the account. So just go to step 6.

  1. Enter any name for the profile, in the tabs section choose the Proxy tab (you can use left/right arrows to see hidden tabs), Connection Type "HTTP Proxy", then enter your proxy details. You can buy proxies here or at any other proxy provider. It should be IPv4 US proxy. You should use 1 proxy per 1 Facebook account, so it's safer to use a separate proxy for each Facebook account.

  2. Choose the Cookies tab. Click the Import Cookies button. Here you need to enter cookies of a pre-warmed Facebook account. You can buy accounts here, somewhere else, or farm them manually: for this, you need to sign up Facebook accounts using different proxies (using an anti-detect browser also) and simulate a real user behavior for at least 14 days.

If you buy Facebook accounts, usually you get a .txt file with Facebook account info per line. Cookies usually look like JSON: [{"domain":" ","expirationDate":null},{"domain":"....."}], or they may be encoded in base64:  W3siZ...9XQ==. Copy exactly these characters, no more (no need to copy login, password, etc), and paste it into GoLogin.

If you don't have cookies, then you can skip the section and just launch the profile, open Facebook, and log in with your credentials.

  1. Click the "Create Profile" button.

  2. Hover over the newly created profile and click the "Run" button.

  3. Optionally open www.ipinfo.io to check that you have an IP address different from your own (to check yours just open the same website in your usual browser without proxies, or VPNs).

  4. To install CUCOMM Extension in the address bar type "chrome://extensions" and press Enter. In the top right corner enable Developer mode, in the top left corner click Load unpacked, and choose the folder with your extension copy (extracted "cucomm.zip" archive from cucomm.com/download).

  5. Open www.facebook.com. If the account was transferred from us or you entered cookies, then you should be logged in already. If you aren't, then try to log in with the email/profile id, and password of your Facebook account. If this doesn't help, then write to the support of the shop where you bought the Facebook accounts.

Congratulations! You have successfully launched 1 Facebook account with CUCOMM Extension! This way you can add as many Facebook accounts as you want. You can run them at the same time to send more messages at the same period of time or collect more profiles. Or you can use the accounts one by one if this way is more convenient for you.

You can work with the same collection in CUCOMM Extension, or with different collections. If it's the same collection, CUCOMM won't give the same profile to different Facebook accounts, so your potential clients won't get the same message from different Facebook accounts multiple times (no duplicates).

This is it! Now you can send tons of messages on Facebook.

Have a lot of clients! :)