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Avoid blocking & scale

Last updated on Nov 16, 2023

To avoid blocking you should use accounts that exist for more than 1 year (or at least warmed for 2 weeks) and do not send more than 15 outbound messages a day (you can send 100 and more using multiple accounts) using 1 account. We recommend do similar to this:

  1. 1st day: send 8 outbound messages.

  2. 2nd day: send 10 outbound messages.

  3. 3rd day: send 12 outbound messages.

  4. 4th day: send 15 outbound messages.

And then just send 15 messages each day. For about 1-2 days a week it might be a good idea to stop contacting new profiles.

To send 100 and more outbound messages a day you can use multiple accounts (contact us to buy accounts) as it's shown