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Changelog (since May 2024)

Last updated on Jun 10, 2024


  1. Improved the targeting speed by 5-10 times.


  1. Resolved the issue with incorrect statistics when stopping collecting.

  2. Resolved the issue with incorrect markup when there are many collections.

  3. Removed the redundant pop-up which was shown if you tried to collect from an incorrect group page.


  1. Now you can send multiple messages to each person right away, just use "[next_message]" to split your message into multiple smaller ones.

  2. Now if there are any network issues (e.g. not stable proxy) the software retries again and again automatically.

  3. Resolved the issue that in rate cases when you were messaging from multiple accounts at the same time a lead could receive a message twice.

  4. Resolved the issue that rarely some leads could stay locked after the messaging.


  1. Improved stability. If you were starting many accounts at the same time (4-6+) by clicking the RUN button very fast, some of them might have not started, and you saw an infinite spinner until you reloaded the page. Now you shouldn't face the issue and the overall stability is also improved.


  1. Added extensions support.

  2. Added on-boarding video right after signing into Cucomm Desktop.


  1. Improved import. There is a progress percentage during the import process now:


  1. Resolved the export issue on MacOS.


  1. Resolved the import issue: now you can import lead collections of 15000+ leads and a spinner is added.

Changelog (before May 2024)